Skaters’ 10 Commandments: Code of Conduct On The Ice Rink – Courtesy Philorem

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Philorem ice skating rink at shoprite ikeja city mall 7
Philorem ice skating rink at shoprite ikeja city mall 7

Philorem Ice Skating Arena Management advises skaters that come on the ice rink to skate here at Ikeja City Mall to observe the following rules of conduct otherwise called SKATER’S TEN COMMANDMENTS:

  • 1st Commandment: Please respect your fellow skaters.
  • 2nd Commandment: Thou shall shall not enter the rink with barefoot or with any other foot-wears except with ice skates.
  • 3rd Commandment: Always obey the instructions of trainers, skate-guides and skate-guards.
  • 4th Commandment: Thou shall not block nor group together either on the barriers or at the entry/exit.
  • 5th Commandment: There must be no bullying, pushing, pulling, or shoving by any skater inside the ice rink.
  • 6th Commandment: Skating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited at Philorem Ice Skating Arena. Snacks, Ice cream, Food and drinks are also prohibited for skaters while inside the rink
  • 7th Commandment: Spinning, synchronous movements, jumping and other gymnastic displays including weave-in and out between skaters or cones by skaters inside the ice-rink are all prohibited when the ice rink is crowded.
  • 8th Commandments: There must be no sitting, climbing on the ice rink barriers by skaters, and not more than two people may hold hands while ice-skating.
  • 9th Commandment: Backpacks, Cameras, Phones, Headphones, Books etc are items that could cause distractions or affect your perfect balance while skating, so they are prohibited inside the ice skating rink.
  • 10th Commandment: It is dangerous to carry a child while skating, therefore, it is prohibited for skaters to carry babies while skating. In case of any injury from an ice-skating accident, please report it to any member of staff of Philorem Ice Skating Arena.

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