Philorem Congratulates Broll Nigeria As It Celebrates 10 Years of Doing Business in Nigeria

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(L-R) Bolaji Edu, CEO Broll Nigeria, Gavin Cox; Retail Portfolio executive, Broll and Leonard Michau, head, West Africa Operations, during Broll Nigeria’s 10th year anniversary held in Lagos, recently
(L-R) Bolaji Edu, CEO Broll Nigeria, Gavin Cox; Retail Portfolio executive, Broll and Leonard Michau, head, West Africa Operations, during Broll Nigeria’s 10th year anniversary held in Lagos, recently
You may want to ask, what or who is BROLL? My answer simply is: Broll Property Services Limited is Nigeria’s leading commercial property company which recently celebrated 10 years of operations in Nigeria. Broll Nigeria was established in 2004 as a joint venture between Broll Property Group of South Africa and local Nigerian Investors with a goal to maximize property potential for clients.

Philorem Ice Skating Arena is just one of the tenants in one of the Shopping centres (Ikeja City Mall) under Broll’s management. Among the edifices managed by Broll are: The Palms mall in Lekki; The Palms in Polo Park, Enugu; The Palms, in Ibadan and Ilorin; then our own Ikeja City Mall; and of course, Ceddi Plaza in Abuja. In other words, “Broll na my landlord and caretaker“, as one would say in Nigerian parlance.

We see Broll as a mentor company whose growth from a staff of 4 in 2004 has grown to current 130 across Nigeria. We identify with her vision of maximizing potential of property for clients. That is why we opted to take off with our Ice Skating business from the Ikeja City mall, as there was no mall in Nigeria with an ice skating rink. So, our business has begun to maximize the potential of Ikeja City Mall since we took off in Mid September 2014. 450,000 new people have seen our adverts across social media in Lagos, and over a thousand five hundred have come to skate at Philorem Ice Skating Arena in two months at Ikeja City Mall.

Our choice was confirmed when ICM won the Best Commercial Property Award 2014 by Real Estate Unite which is the largest professional body for real estate in Africa.

Commenting on Broll’s growth, Mr. Michau, head of Operations, Broll West Africa, said, “This growth did not happen overnight. Broll took a long term view and over the years invested significantly in human resources, technical expertise, software, international best practices partnerships and client relationships.”

“For investors looking for the next growth story, Nigeria is the place to be. Although there are challenges and risks as is the case with many investments, there are rewards for those who take a long-term view as Broll Nigeria has,” he added.

Bolaji Edu, the recently appointed chief executive officer, Broll Nigeria explained that Broll Nigeria has been able to pull in over 40 years of real estate experience in Africa, and now 10 years of experience in Nigeria to provide quality service to investors seeking entry into the country giving them standards they are accustomed to.

“The transactions and projects we have worked on during this period have allowed us to refine our processes, ensuring that we provide the best quality of service to our clients. We believe that the company is now well positioned to take advantage of the Nigeria growth story and remain opportunistic about the future of Broll Nigeria and the role that the company can play in defining future trends in the real estate industry,” he added.

Over the years, Broll Nigeria has been able to offer a full complement of property-related services, including property management, facilities management, shopping center management, retail consulting, commercial, industrial and investment property broking, research and corporate real estate services.

Today, Broll is recognized as the leading multi-disciplined property services company in Nigeria and has created a respected brand in the market and has on its books some of the country’s and the world´s best-known brands.

The Broll Group is Africa´s leading commercial property services group with offices throughout South Africa and a growing number of African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, Rwanda, Mauritius, Tanzania, Zambia and Namibia.

The Group’s affiliation with international partner CBRE (the world’s largest provider of real estate services to the commercial, industrial, retail and investment markets) ensures that an unrivalled mix of global market knowledge and technical expertise is brought to bear with the sole purpose of maximising the potential of property, wherever that property is.

Philorem reporting with additional news written by Peter Ugwu of : Nigerian Communications Week

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